Interface EventResponse

All Superinterfaces:
PortletResponse, StateAwareResponse
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public interface EventResponse
extends StateAwareResponse

The EventResponse interface represents the portlet response to an event request. It extends the StateAwareResponse interface.
The portlet container creates an EventResponse object and passes it as argument to the portlet's processEvent method.

See Also:
StateAwareResponse, PortletResponse

Method Summary
 void setRenderParameters(EventRequest request)
          Maintain the current render parameters of the request for the response.
Methods inherited from interface javax.portlet.StateAwareResponse
getPortletMode, getRenderParameterMap, getWindowState, removePublicRenderParameter, setEvent, setEvent, setPortletMode, setRenderParameter, setRenderParameter, setRenderParameters, setWindowState
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addProperty, addProperty, addProperty, createElement, encodeURL, getNamespace, setProperty

Method Detail


void setRenderParameters(EventRequest request)
Maintain the current render parameters of the request for the response.

All previously set render parameters are cleared.

These parameters will be accessible in all subsequent render calls via the PortletRequest.getParameter call until a new request is targeted to the portlet.

The given parameters do not need to be encoded prior to calling this method.

request - The request the portlet has been provided with by the portlet container for the current processEvent call, must not be null.